About us

Behind YubConnect there is the 426 software development team.

We are a trilingual (DE, IT, EN) specialized team of developers and eCommerce experts based in Bolzano (South Tyrol, Italy).

Thanks to the many experiences in the areas of e-commerce, price search engines, sales channels (such as Amazon, Ebay), platforms, ERP systems, payment flows, apps, B2B shops or individual integrations and connections we have developed into interface professionals.

YubConnect is already connected with numerous marketplaces, price comparison sites, search engines, payment providers, ERPs. Apps, CRMs and PIMs. It also has been already successfully connected to many custom platform and systems. With YubConnect, product data can be easily adjusted, optimized or filtered to achieve the best results on all sales channels.

With YubConnect we and our customers can set up numerous connections quickly and easily.

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