What do we offer

With YubConnect you get all your connections in an easy way, and their full control in a single platform.

Through numerous customers and projects in the areas of e-commerce, price search engines, sales channels platforms (such as Amazon, Ebay), merchandise management systems, payment flows, apps, B2B partners and custom integrations and connections we have developed into interface professionals.

More sales / plus turnover
More visibility
More visitors
on your shop
Easy integration
Ease of use
Many channels through a single tool


The more channels you are present on with your eCommerce products, the more traffic you get.

Topics such as more visibility, time savings and, the most important, the generation of sales are just a few of the advantages you can achieve with our tool.

What we do differently

The YubConnect keyword is flexibility.

The power of our software lies in the integration with your system, as well as with other application you need for your shop. Flexibility translates therefore in the possibility to use the platform not only as an omni-channel sales-tool for your eCommerce system, but also for connecting it with a wide range of systems like PIMs, ERPs or whatever the service needed.

Thanks to the YubConnect platform architecture, we are able to integrate it with your eCommerce or other software current situation quickly and at low cost.