Payment API

Your customers’ payment transactions in just one place

Electronic payments introduced a variety of payment methods which are on one side a must-have to offer to your customer, but on the other side something which translates to quite a bit of work do do. In facts, the merchant has to constantly check a certain number of different dashboards – actually, one for each payments provider. Payment API offer a solution to this by providing an easy connection to all the payments methods you have for your store. Data can be then visualized in a single dashboard or, more conveniently, you can also synchronize the status of payments directly with the orders on the store!

Import all your payments with YubConnect Payment API and automate your accounting

Save time and money: synchronize!

Filter, order, export

Dynamically arrange the aggregated data of your store’s payments to display or to export in .csv or .json formats.


The interface is able to transmit data to any kind of application you need.