Multichannel Distribution

More channels, more opportunities for your online shop.

The digitization of data has introduced new rules in the game of sales. With the ever increasing number of distribution channels, the strategies to best exploit them is a fundamental direction of development.

The multichannel / multiple touchpoint approach

As the name suggests, the multichannel approach offers the consumer multiple channels to get in touch with the company. Marketplace, price comparison engine, social media, mobile app, online store or physical store: this type of approach places the product where the customer can find it and increases the  brand and / or merchant recognition. The limit, however, in this case is that each channel exists and lives independently, and the challenges lie in the difficulty of managing in an integrated way data, information and behavior of consumers passing from one point of contact to another.

The advantage for the merchant: YubChannel and multichannel integration

Thanks to the use of various sales channels, there is an additional opportunity for the merchant to implement his strategies: aiming at product characteristics and rules based on the group of customers he addresses.

The possibility is therefore to carry out marketing and price policies also by exploiting the competition of individual channels, for example based on the different commission percentages, always at the best profit for one’s own online shop.

From a technical point of view, the actual construction of the connections is represented by the interfaces. These represent an expense that is often difficult to sustain even for a medium-sized merchant: the YubConnect solution, thanks to the modular and centralized architecture, allows these costs to be reduced. Moreover, thanks to the presence of a single plugin within the CMS (Prestashop, Shopware, WordPress but also custom), server performance can also be improved.

More about interfaces

B2C & B2B

Some data:

has internet access
owns a smartphone
sells or auctions items on the internet
buys online

These data* indicate an increasingly concrete possibility of expanding the multichannel strategies also to the slice of the active population, which can therefore be addressed not only for the B2C sector but also for the still underdeveloped B2B sector. Thanks to the integration between the various channels, it is possible to have access to product information, price lists, etc…

* data referring to the adult population in Germany

List of already implemented channels

On this page we have listed the most popular sales channels, marketing channels and all that still concerns the possibilities of multi-channel sales that you can already find on YubConnect.

Thanks to numerous customers and projects, we are constantly developing and implementing new interfaces that could also simplify and improve your business!


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